There’s a fine fine line…

…between your business and personal life. It’s knowing where that line is that makes all the difference. For example when I started using the name Gal In The Grey Hat for my business I basically turned all social media with that name into the business accounts platforms. That was a mistake. Why you ask? Well, I like to share things with family and friends that have to do with the little one. I like to do that under lock and key and having public accounts doesn’t allow for that AT ALL.

So separate accounts are in process and the little one is once again under lock and key. You might be asking yourself “How do I get old non-business followers to follow me on the new accounts?” Simple I take a screen shot of the new account, in this case instagram, and share it under the old combined account. Most followers will follow you that way. Be warned people you don’t want to follow will also attempt to. If need be, block them. Because some people will be persistent.

Need help setting up your social media platforms? Looking for help with managing your accounts? Drop me a line, let’s talk.

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