The Story of Tonight

Wow has it really been so long? Well, this time I have a really good reason and he arrived on January 1, 2016. Yeah we missed the tax deadline, but he’s very much worth it. Granted we haven’t really slept much in the last five weeks, but that’s every parent with children isn’t it? Yeah it is. Unless of course you happen to be my brother who slept through the night at SIX DAYS OLD. I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t been there to see it myself.

No matter, I’m sure our little guy will be sleeping through the night before we know it, but until then we make it work…or try to sleep when he does.

As for his birth it was rather something else. When I was taking lamaze classes with my hubbins I swore I would use as few interventions as possible to bring our little one into the world. Which I did to a point…but I’m getting ahead of myself. On New Year’s Eve we went out for some Five Guys burgers and watched Star Wars: A New Hope. You know the one before Lucas went back and ruined it with extra CGI crap. It was halfway through the movie that I started noting the 5-1-1 of contractions and called my OB’s office. They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital and I said I was good and would call should anything change.

By 10:30pm the contractions were still 5-1-1 and I figured I would need a nap if I was going to make it to ringing in the new year. As it happens my body had other plans. Around 11pm I woke with a start ad just knew I had to get up, something was weird. The moment I stood up my water broke a bit like it does in the movies – even though our lamaze teacher says it never happens like that. So there I was calling the doctor back and being told to head to the hospital.

Long story short by 8:30am I was getting an epidural, by 3pm we were adding pitocin to the mix to move things along, and finally after pushing for close to three hours my doctor broke out the vacuum in order to help get our little one out and save me a trip to the OR to go in and get him. I will say that after all the interventions I had hoped I wouldn’t need we ended up with a pretty awesome little baby who keeps life very interesting and I couldn’t imagine not having in our life. Even with all the sleep I’m missing out on I wouldn’t change this last 9+ months for the world.

Some day I might tell our son the story of his birth (leaving out all the bits I clearly remember as if it happened yesterday and that’s all I’ll say about that) and by someday I mean when he’s about to have his own first baby. And speaking of…he’s waking up so my free time is up for now.

Another Christmas in the books…

…and what a Christmas it was! Still no sign of SproutCroft turning up. Though between the Braxton-Hicks and real deal contractions things have certainly been interesting around here the last few weeks. On the upside my doctor pulled me out of work to rest and “let things happen”. Downside of this is I am so freaking bored and almost caught up on Law and Order: SVU.

Pretty sweet I know.

Pretty sweet I know.

But to back to Christmas! Last weekend my folks came out to celebrate with the mister and I as I am at the super uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. Plus driving more than 15 minutes away is a really not something I can do at the moment. So the folks came out and gave the hubs and I awesome Christmas gifts….a new Keurig and two mugs that fit us perfectly (pilot related for hubs and Sherlock related for me. In short we now have the most perfect caffeination station on the planet…er in our house. I still drink tea…but several new mom friends and family members have told me I’m going to want my first cup of the day to be coffee…strong coffee.

The rest of the week leading up to Christmas was spent wrapping last minute gifts and more relaxing. Honestly that’s all I have the energy for at this stage of the game. Christmas Eve the mister and I stayed in and enjoyed Chinese food and the Holiday classic Die Hard like you do. (Hey it totally takes place at Christmas – fight me) I then went to bed because I knew I’d be up between either 2 and 4 or up for the day at 5:30. Sadly I was up between 2 and 4… I woke again around 5:45 and crashed down on the couch with our cats until 7-ish and was then up for the day.

So I enjoyed a cup of coffee, snuggles with the cats and waited for the mister to wake so we could have Christmas morning gift opening. Finally around 9:30 he wandered downstairs (thanks asshole dogs next door) and we got to gift exchanging. I have to say the mister certainly knows me!

Murder Husbands, Shakespeare, musicals, and tea things oh my!

Murder Husbands, Shakespeare, musicals, and tea things oh my!

"My name is Alexander Hamilton..."

“My name is Alexander Hamilton…”

Yup it is safe to say that he is in fact a keeper! We then enjoyed breakfast and goofing around with our new things until his folks came by to celebrate Christmas with us and have dinner. Mommy got a new Kindle that I really hope I have time to use once Mr. Man arrives, we’ll see. After they had headed home the mister and I played his new game Exploding Kittens (NSFW edition). Let me tell you, if you don’t own this game and are a bit of a horrible person you should totally pick this one up (Amazon has both editions). It’s a quick game and loads of fun.

I then figured I should go to bed in preparation for my 2am wake-up for no reason call. Which happened because I found I was SUPER hungry. So I attacked a piece of pumpkin pie and a leftover egg roll like you do at 2am and went back to bed until close to 7 (a Boxing Day miracle). After enjoying a cup of coffee I felt the strange urge to clean my tea/coffee cabinet as well as my desk….nesting anyone? Plans for the rest of the day? Kill off the rest of the pumpkin pie for breakfast and go for a walk around the neighborhood with the mister (gotta help this kid along right).

How was your Christmas? Did you survive? Get some great gifts? Let me know in the comments!

At least it’s Friday…

I’ll admit this has been one of the worst weeks. Why? Several reasons, thanks for asking, but I’m only going to tell you about one of the things. Because I’m a horrible person. No, I’m not sorry.

Anyway, the one thing…I caught a cold from my husband. Which normally wouldn’t rank as a worst week sort of thing until you factor in being 36 weeks pregnant. Which let me tell you amplifies the feeling of wanting to die by 400 easily. I was feeling potentially gross Sunday, but by Tuesday morning I was full on “no way in hell can I go to work after this OB appointment” (which went fine thanks). Oddly enough the OB’s office agreed with me. In fact they told me if I wasn’t better by Wednesday morning I should stay home that day too. I didn’t, so home it was for day two of me tea and the couch. Plus ALL the naps.

I had friends who were super jealous. Listen people there was no reason to be jealous. Staying home sick as an adult is not the same at when you’re a kid. First, a lot of the time as a kid you were faking it to get out of something. Don’t tell me you weren’t because we all were. Sure there were times when we were in fact legit dying, but 85% of the time we were faking it. Meanwhile when you stay home sick as an adult I think it’s more 98% it’s because you actually feel like death and not because something awesome dropped on Netflix (there was nothing good on Netflix).

There were a few other “meh” things about this week, but that one was the topper (sort of). Here’s hoping next week will be better. How was your week? As always let me know in the comments.

We named the dog Indiana

Ever since we revealed that we’re having a boy everyone has been asking what his name is. Well, that’s simple…you’ll find out when he’s born. Though we have been tempted to just tell people Indiana, because why not? Basically we want to have one last little secret that’s just ours until he makes his appearance in a few short weeks.

Which brings me to those asking us how much of him we’ll be sharing with social media and the answer is not a whole lot. We’ve a secret group on Facebook for family and close friends that will see posts and pictures. But after posting about his arrival on our individual pages there really won’t be much. It’s nothing against anyone, it’s just how we feel.

Plus as his parents we want to control what gets put out there about him. Which is legit our right to do as his parents. So know we’re not trying to be assholes, we’re just choosing what and how we share our son with the world. Of course you’ll see reference to him on the blog, it’ll be hard to keep this up and NOT mention him. But you’ll see him called SproutCroft (the name we called him from the first ultrasound combined with my love of Mycroft Holmes.

Again, that’s it. I can’t help it, the closer my due date gets the stronger my mama bear protectiveness kicks in. Seriously it isn’t pretty these days when people try to rub my belly without asking. So again know we’re not trying to be chumps, just protective parents.

You say stretch marks like it’s a bad thing

Well, ok they aren’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen (and no I won’t show you mine). But I’ve seen worse things. Most momma’s I’ve talked to call them badges of honor. I like that. I can also live with calling them that. But good lord they are pretty weird to see. Thankfully I can’t really see them unless I happen to catch myself with my shirt pulled up walking past a mirror. Let me tell you people this does not happen often.

Speaking of other super gross things you get to “enjoy” in the third trimester also include the occasional braxton-hicks contractions. Which my ob says means DRINK ALL THE WATER! Listen pal I drink anymore water and I could probably float away ok? Yeah it’s like that. Though apparently today while “enjoying” my first 20 minute non-stress test I had a real contraction that I sort of felt. Or I accidentally hit the monitor as it was sliding off me.

You see my kid does not like to be prodded. Nope he will kick at the ultrasound wand and apparently the heart rate monitor and anything else. Yet not my hands or his dads…smart kid we’ve got there.

And as if my ob visit wasn’t irritating me enough the nurse practitioner says to me while she’s swabbing for some potential infection that could hurt my kid on his way out if I have it. (Listen 40% of women have it so I’m not worried if I do) “I see we have quite the hemorrhoid situation.” I really REALLY wanted to punch her in the face and frankly I think I would have be justified. Yes, thank you woman I have never met in all my visits there is quite an issue going on there. Thanks for noticing AND pointing it out.

Though thankfully she did give me an Rx for some better cream so ya know I didn’t actually punch her, because I’ve only been asking about that ahem issue for the last oh 6 months! Sweet relief ladies!

Thankfully the only other really gross and potentially (ok who the hell am I kidding this shit is going to hurt) painful thing I have to do is give birth to my little guy! I am both excited and terrified by this. Obviously I can’t wait to meet him and hold him etc. But it’s the fact that i have to get him out that has me very nervous. PLUS I’m going to attempt it without drugs. Yup I’ve lost my marbles.

But really…everything we learned in lamaze told us that doing just about any intervention can raise your risk for a c-section…yeah no thanks. So I’m going to go as long as I can without drugs and if I need them hopefully get them BEFORE I pass whatever magical dilation number they use now to say TOO LATE SUCKER NO DRUGS FOR YOU!

So that’s where I am with life right now…4 1/2 weeks from due date…

But you know what I’m super thankful to be at this point in my life even with all the pains the last few weeks are bringing my nethers. As a special treat I shall leave you with this gem from our maternity shoot last weekend…

Cute right? Bet your ass it is.

Cute right? Bet your ass it is.


Oh Boy!

That’s right our wee one is a boy! We had a gender reveal cake at the baby shower my awesome sister threw us yesterday. It has been super difficult keeping that under wraps for the last 20 weeks (we found out 10 weeks in)! But it was worth it to see the surprise on everyone’s faces.

So much laundry!

So much laundry!

I also learned people will in fact buy ALL the things for a new baby. Trust me my hands hurt from cutting off all the tags from some of the cutest clothes, toys, and blankets I have ever seen. It also makes for a whole lot of laundry! Because if I recall correctly from my niece babies go through A LOT of things, sometimes in under an hour! Blowout diaper anyone? Yep those are a thing.

So I spent most of last night (with the help of my bestie and hubs) cutting tags off all the things and sort of organizing the nursery. It’s hard when you don’t yet have the baby so you don’t know where the hell you really want everything to go! I’m sure once he’s here I’ll shift things around. Plus we have some shelves that we need to put back up which will also help with organizing the room.

But I’ll say this is’t getting super exciting around here as we enter week 34! It won’t be long now…until then back to the laundry and the nesting!

I’m so bad about posting

But I’m growing a human and let me tell you that is tiring! Also we’re now at the stage of the game where my kid likes to use my bladder as a stuffed animal/punching bag/pillow. So that is some fun right there. So I haven’t actually done much besides grow the little person and relax when I get home, with a dash of internetting too.

Halloween is tomorrow and I think it will be another low key year. We hardly get any kids so this year I think we’re putting a bowl of candy out and going on the honor system. I’m super ok with this. Seriously we had 7 kids last year…which might be the most we’ve ever had since we moved here. Funny story the neighbors told us when we first moved in BUY ALL THE CANDY there are so many kids. Liars.

It’s a let down to me because I love Halloween. I really like seeing all the costumes and stuff. But our neighborhood is slowly killing the joy of the season for me. Well, that and stores already have Christmas candy out!!!

Anywho that’s what’s happening here. Happy Halloween folks!

This was the most I could throw together today, my Minnie Mouse hooded sweatshirt w/ears and bow.

This was the most I could throw together today, my Minnie Mouse hooded sweatshirt w/ears and bow.

Hey another three day weekend!

What to do with it? Well, naturally there will be the general laundry and other adulting duties to complete. But we have some other plans in place. Like a birthday party for one of our favorite three year olds. Let me tell you getting the gifts from Amazon was a monster pain in the ass. Which involved them sending me a whole new set of gifts with one day shipping.

Why? Well, it seems their tracking text feature was super buggy telling me it would arrive one day when in reality they had arrived the day before during a horrible 8 hour downpour. Which wouldn’t have been bad, but there were books in the order and yeah…those couldn’t be given as a gift. Long story short Amazon came through and made it right in record time. So I’m looking forward to the party.

There’s also church. I missed last week as I didn’t feel well. But I found I missed it. Weird right? Yeah I don’t get it either, but there we are. So I’ll hit up the Saturday night vigil mass. Good times. Then dinner out because who doesn’t like going out to dinner?

Of course I might just keep listening to Hamilton...

Of course I might just keep listening to Hamilton…

That still leaves two days. To be honest I haven’t really thought much about what I’ll do with those two days beyond needing to do some work on the nursery. There isn’t much time left to get things ready before the little one makes an appearance. So we’ll have to put the petal to the metal. So stay tuned to see what I do with the other two days. Unless of course I just veg in front of Netflix…it could happen!


Favorite Fictional Teachers #5FandomFriday

This weeks 5 Fandom Friday is all about favorite fictional teachers. For this one obviously we’re heading to Hogwarts. I’m not sorry.

5 – Hagrid (Care of Magical Creatures) – Ok so Hagrid really had no idea what he was doing, but it was super cute watching him try.

4 – Sybill Trelawney (Divination) – Sure it’s possible her predictions are total bunk, but she serves tea in class. So she gets a win from me. Plus I’m sure she taught them something of use right? But I have to give her big ups for her snark at Hermione in book 3. Yeah I love Hermione, but it was a nice little dig.

Severus Snape

Severus Snape

3 – Severus Snap (Potions) – People don’t like Snape. Yeah, they’re out there and that’s fine. BUT I like him. His snark was on point and I can’t blame him for his nastiness I mean James was a bit of a shit to him when they were at school. Plus the big reveal about his continued love for Lilly in book 7 was a major awww moment for me. I’m not sorry. As for his teaching they kids learned to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses didn’t they?

2 – Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration) – Listen Minerva is a BAMF ok. Did we not see her with the statues in book 7? But as for her teaching…listen I want to learn Transfiguration. I mean she can turn herself into a freaking cat! That’s something right?

Professor Remus J. Lupin

Professor Remus J. Lupin

1 – Remus Lupin (Defense Against the Dark Arts) – I think the kids learned the most from Lupin. Well, at least Harry did….he did learn how to summon a Patronus which saved his ass at the end of book 3. AND he then went on to teach the DA how to do it too. So big ups to Lupin for teaching the kids something they could use. Plus I just love Lupin ok? So naturally he’s my favorite!


Don’t tell me Star Wars and Star Trek are the same…

…by the same token don’t tell me girls/women can’t like either. Because I will flip out. Where’s this coming from? Well, I stopped into my local Starbucks for an after work treat/keep awake treat to stay up for The Blacklist. The barista was talking to another about a customer who told them girls can’t like Star Wars, because apparently science. As in we “don’t get it.”

Right Ben?

Right Ben?

I had to ask what they were talking about. When they told me I just sat there with my jaw open for a bit and even forgot my order! I love Star Wars! The mister and I watch it on VHS every Fall (we don’t allow thatĀ remastered shit in this house). Granted my favorite is Return of the Jedi. Which is apparently what a majority of women prefer. Most guys love Empire Strikes Back. I think I like Jedi because it ties up the story nicely. BUT I also obviously enjoy the other two movies too.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise...

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise…

Anywho apparently the male customer also made mention that Star Wars and Star Trek were the same…uh no sir, no they are not. The only thing they have in common is that have “star” in the title. One is WAY more SciFi than the other (Star Trek). Star Wars while it has sweet scifi elements (ships, hyperspeed, etc.) is based around The Force. Which for me is HEAVY on the fantasy level of things. While Star Trek is all about exploring the future seeking out new lifeĀ and new civilizations…SCIENCE people.

In all honesty I like them both. What’s not to like really? Granted I know there are people out there that prefer one to the other and who just don’t like either (Yeah they do exist). But I think I like Star Wars just a little more than Star Trek. It’s probably The Force that does it for me and the love story between Han and Leia (I know). But Star Trek is awesome and I love all the tech they get to play with!

So do you prefer one over the other? Let me know in the comments.


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