Oh boy…or girl!

That’s right the rumors (are there rumors?) are true…there’s a new addition coming to our family in December! I am both excited and nervous by all this as it it’s been a few years in the making. Anywho that’s all I’ve got at the moment…well sort of, keep reading.

Folks who know me asked if I would be blogging about the pregnancy. In short I won’t be blogging specifically about my pregnancy, but it may come up in the course of a post here and there.

Oh and in case you were wondering how far we are in this little journey or couldn’t do the math based on a December due date….I’ll be starting month 4 on Monday!

A nap is on the horizon…

It rained here most of yesterday.┬áBut it did dry out in time for my neighbor to put on one hell of a display…from 9:30 to well past midnight! And yes folks I had the pleasure(?) of being awake for all of it. So yes, yes there will be a nap in my very near future!

To add insult to injury my right sinus is still kicking my butt with whatever is going on there. Which added in my lack of sleep last night. As I had to slap a heating pad sort of thing on my face in order to fall asleep in July. I don’t get/like it either, but there we are.

In the meantime I’ll make myself a cup of tea, perhaps try to steam my sinus with a shower and then, then a nap. A sweet, sweet nap.

Happy Sunday!

Next 4th in Philadelphia?

Yes, I already made a post about Independence Day. But why not post two? You know freedom of speech right? Did you know I once lived in Philadelphia? I did and it was a history lovers dream come true. I would spend my weekends playing tourist in the city I called home and it was glorious!

So much history!

So much history!

I haven’t been back in what feels like forever. Well, it has been close to 13 years since I visited! It’s past time to return…I think. Personally I’d like to spend the next 4th in Philly taking in Independence Mall and all that history Philadelphia has to offer.

So I’m making a plan to try to make this happen. I might not be able to pull it off for the 4th, but I’m going to go back and it will be awesome and chock full of historical goodness….my husband will be thrilled. While I’m thinking of it I need to get back to Colonial Williamsburg, Gettysburg, and Washington, DC again. All good trips and I think I need to go back asap!

What about you? Have you done any historical vacations? If so where did you go? If not where would you go?

Happy 4th of July!

That’s right the United States of America is 239 years young (if we go by the date of 1776 and I do). To celebrate I’m sharing this little gem a friend posted this morning on Facebook:

Happy birthday Momma!

Birthday funs for my mom went off without a hitch. Well, except the part where SHE DIDN’T know we were coming! The mister and I turned up around 12:30 and my momma was still in her pj’s talking to her mother. Seems I should not assume my sister has passed on such important details to people and just do it myself.

Good news is mom was of course thrilled to have us visit on her birthday. Plus hey we my sister was cooking…sweet and sour chicken over rice. OMG it was too die for. Yes, I may have even taken some home with me for dinner later this week. Damn she’s good. I’ll have to get the recipe from her as it was totally gluten free!

It looks confusing...it isn't.

It looks confusing…it isn’t.

We also played a few rounds of Qwirkle with The Niece. I got my ass handed to me twice. But it was fun. I like that we’ve become a board game playing family. Considering I always asked for, and got, games when I was younger. But no one ever really wanted to play. Now it’s good family bonding time with the joy of trash talk thrown in…of course.

The only thing missing was my brother. But he’s away for work and it couldn’t be helped. I did get to chat with him via mom when he called while we were all still there. Of course there was cake, not gluten free so I sadly had to pass.

It was nice to spend most of the day there to celebrate momma’s special day. Plus I didn’t have to cook OR clean up. Double bonus!

You stay random Hannaford

Yes, yes I was the woman eating a bag of Five Guys fries in my yoga pants tonight at Hannaford. Hey when the mister offers to stop at Five Guys you say YES! But no, no I was not the weirdest person there. Not by a long shot. A little back story if you aren’t from around here…

In early June two inmates escaped from one of New York State’s Maximum Security Correctional Facilities. Well, after close to three weeks on the run one was shot dead and the other was shot and captured today around 3:20pm and then flown to Albany Medical Center (AMC) for further treatment. AMC is listed as a Trauma Center so survey says this would be the place to treat him AND they also have an isolated wing for inmates there too. It’s also 20 minutes from our house…no I’m not worried. I’m pretty sure he’s got A LOT of security covering him.

Anyway, there the mister and I are in the checkout line (me munching on my fries) and I happen to make eye contact with the lady behind me. That was a mistake. She instantly launches into how great it is that “bastard was caught, shame he wasn’t killed” and other assorted phrases. To which I have to poke the bear and mention that they were moving said inmate to AMC for further treatment. “WHAT?! I-I hope his surgeons go golfing!!”

I had nothing to say to this. What can you say to that? I mean really. Thankfully I think I bored her and she went to the self checkout line.

Who says you can’t have any fun grocery shopping?

In other news…

Today is my momma’s birthday.



So we’ll be heading out to the country to celebrate…with sweet and sour chicken from scratch. Not to worry I am not cooking this time. My sister who has all the culinary talent in the family will be making lunch. Me? I’ll just be buying the items she needs to make the magic happen. If my last post tells you anything I’m WAY better at buying and not so great at making (however, my lasagna soup is out of this world).

I was also notified by wordpress that the last post I made was post 200 on the blog! Seems fitting that my 200th post would be me bitching about something doesn’t it? I had hoped such a milestone would be marked with something far more profound…but there I am bitching about shitty pancakes.

Just like old times…it’s good to be back!

Beware the two ingredient recipe

First, yes I know it’s been an age. But life gets busy and well that’s how that goes.

Anyway, this morning I REALLY wanted pancakes. We don’t have any milk. Ok, I think…I’ll just go to the internet. As I recalled seeing a recipe there once for two ingredient pancakes using eggs and bananas – which I did have. So I find one. Looks super easy (and bonus it’s gluten free) what COULD possibly go wrong?

EVERYTHING! Long story short…two pancakes in and it smells like the smoke alarm is going to go off and I say screw it and scrap everything and pour myself a bowl of cereal and eat it dry! Two ingredients my ass. More like how to waste two ingredients in under ten minutes.

Happy Sunday (sort of)!

Did we just skip Spring this year?

Now don’t get me wrong folks, I am VERY happy the warmer weather is here. But I wish we could have enjoying Spring for perhaps two months unlike the week we seemed to get here in Upstate NY. No really, I feel like we jumped right to Summer within a week of Spring hitting.

Like I said I’m happy the warmer weather is here. But man it is taking a toll on my sleeping habits. The insomnia I’m experiencing is a real pain in the pants. And even when I try to nap to make up for lack of nighttime sleep it just doesn’t happen. Super frustrating. Added bonus the weather is also messing about with my sinuses…good times.

I’m happy dress/skirt weather is here. But man I would kill for a day in the high 60’s or low 70’s? What about you? Is it unseasonably warm where you are? I’m curious, so let me know in the comments!

I’m up!

A few weeks ago I had to start taking two medications twice a day (no worries nothing serious). At the time I took the first dose I didn’t realize this. So I took the first dose at 6:30pm. Great right? Not when you have to take the second twelve hours later….at 6:30am! Now this isn’t a problem during the week, in fact it’s the time I need to get up to be ready to leave the house. So it’s great I’m up AND out of bed.

On the weekends not so much. I LOVE to sleep in. So I figured I’d take the meds and go back to bed. Hahahaha….nice thought. Because once I’m up our cats figure it’s breakfast time and so I feed them. Then I figure I should eat and before you know it it’s 9am and I’ve actually got things done (laundry started, blogs posted, etc.). So in a way this has become a blessing in disguise.

However, you can bet your ass I’m getting a nap later today!


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