You say stretch marks like it’s a bad thing

Well, ok they aren’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen (and no I won’t show you mine). But I’ve seen worse things. Most momma’s I’ve talked to call them badges of honor. I like that. I can also live with calling them that. But good lord they are pretty weird to see. Thankfully I can’t really see them unless I happen to catch myself with my shirt pulled up walking past a mirror. Let me tell you people this does not happen often.

Speaking of other super gross things you get to “enjoy” in the third trimester also include the occasional braxton-hicks contractions. Which my ob says means DRINK ALL THE WATER! Listen pal I drink anymore water and I could probably float away ok? Yeah it’s like that. Though apparently today while “enjoying” my first 20 minute non-stress test I had a real contraction that I sort of felt. Or I accidentally hit the monitor as it was sliding off me.

You see my kid does not like to be prodded. Nope he will kick at the ultrasound wand and apparently the heart rate monitor and anything else. Yet not my hands or his dads…smart kid we’ve got there.

And as if my ob visit wasn’t irritating me enough the nurse practitioner says to me while she’s swabbing for some potential infection that could hurt my kid on his way out if I have it. (Listen 40% of women have it so I’m not worried if I do) “I see we have quite the hemorrhoid situation.” I really REALLY wanted to punch her in the face and frankly I think I would have be justified. Yes, thank you woman I have never met in all my visits there is quite an issue going on there. Thanks for noticing AND pointing it out.

Though thankfully she did give me an Rx for some better cream so ya know I didn’t actually punch her, because I’ve only been asking about that ahem issue for the last oh 6 months! Sweet relief ladies!

Thankfully the only other really gross and potentially (ok who the hell am I kidding this shit is going to hurt) painful thing I have to do is give birth to my little guy! I am both excited and terrified by this. Obviously I can’t wait to meet him and hold him etc. But it’s the fact that i have to get him out that has me very nervous. PLUS I’m going to attempt it without drugs. Yup I’ve lost my marbles.

But really…everything we learned in lamaze told us that doing just about any intervention can raise your risk for a c-section…yeah no thanks. So I’m going to go as long as I can without drugs and if I need them hopefully get them BEFORE I pass whatever magical dilation number they use now to say TOO LATE SUCKER NO DRUGS FOR YOU!

So that’s where I am with life right now…4 1/2 weeks from due date…

But you know what I’m super thankful to be at this point in my life even with all the pains the last few weeks are bringing my nethers. As a special treat I shall leave you with this gem from our maternity shoot last weekend…

Cute right? Bet your ass it is.

Cute right? Bet your ass it is.


Oh Boy!

That’s right our wee one is a boy! We had a gender reveal cake at the baby shower my awesome sister threw us yesterday. It has been super difficult keeping that under wraps for the last 20 weeks (we found out 10 weeks in)! But it was worth it to see the surprise on everyone’s faces.

So much laundry!

So much laundry!

I also learned people will in fact buy ALL the things for a new baby. Trust me my hands hurt from cutting off all the tags from some of the cutest clothes, toys, and blankets I have ever seen. It also makes for a whole lot of laundry! Because if I recall correctly from my niece babies go through A LOT of things, sometimes in under an hour! Blowout diaper anyone? Yep those are a thing.

So I spent most of last night (with the help of my bestie and hubs) cutting tags off all the things and sort of organizing the nursery. It’s hard when you don’t yet have the baby so you don’t know where the hell you really want everything to go! I’m sure once he’s here I’ll shift things around. Plus we have some shelves that we need to put back up which will also help with organizing the room.

But I’ll say this is’t getting super exciting around here as we enter week 34! It won’t be long now…until then back to the laundry and the nesting!

I’m so bad about posting

But I’m growing a human and let me tell you that is tiring! Also we’re now at the stage of the game where my kid likes to use my bladder as a stuffed animal/punching bag/pillow. So that is some fun right there. So I haven’t actually done much besides grow the little person and relax when I get home, with a dash of internetting too.

Halloween is tomorrow and I think it will be another low key year. We hardly get any kids so this year I think we’re putting a bowl of candy out and going on the honor system. I’m super ok with this. Seriously we had 7 kids last year…which might be the most we’ve ever had since we moved here. Funny story the neighbors told us when we first moved in BUY ALL THE CANDY there are so many kids. Liars.

It’s a let down to me because I love Halloween. I really like seeing all the costumes and stuff. But our neighborhood is slowly killing the joy of the season for me. Well, that and stores already have Christmas candy out!!!

Anywho that’s what’s happening here. Happy Halloween folks!

This was the most I could throw together today, my Minnie Mouse hooded sweatshirt w/ears and bow.

This was the most I could throw together today, my Minnie Mouse hooded sweatshirt w/ears and bow.

Hey another three day weekend!

What to do with it? Well, naturally there will be the general laundry and other adulting duties to complete. But we have some other plans in place. Like a birthday party for one of our favorite three year olds. Let me tell you getting the gifts from Amazon was a monster pain in the ass. Which involved them sending me a whole new set of gifts with one day shipping.

Why? Well, it seems their tracking text feature was super buggy telling me it would arrive one day when in reality they had arrived the day before during a horrible 8 hour downpour. Which wouldn’t have been bad, but there were books in the order and yeah…those couldn’t be given as a gift. Long story short Amazon came through and made it right in record time. So I’m looking forward to the party.

There’s also church. I missed last week as I didn’t feel well. But I found I missed it. Weird right? Yeah I don’t get it either, but there we are. So I’ll hit up the Saturday night vigil mass. Good times. Then dinner out because who doesn’t like going out to dinner?

Of course I might just keep listening to Hamilton...

Of course I might just keep listening to Hamilton…

That still leaves two days. To be honest I haven’t really thought much about what I’ll do with those two days beyond needing to do some work on the nursery. There isn’t much time left to get things ready before the little one makes an appearance. So we’ll have to put the petal to the metal. So stay tuned to see what I do with the other two days. Unless of course I just veg in front of Netflix…it could happen!


Favorite Fictional Teachers #5FandomFriday

This weeks 5 Fandom Friday is all about favorite fictional teachers. For this one obviously we’re heading to Hogwarts. I’m not sorry.

5 – Hagrid (Care of Magical Creatures) – Ok so Hagrid really had no idea what he was doing, but it was super cute watching him try.

4 – Sybill Trelawney (Divination) – Sure it’s possible her predictions are total bunk, but she serves tea in class. So she gets a win from me. Plus I’m sure she taught them something of use right? But I have to give her big ups for her snark at Hermione in book 3. Yeah I love Hermione, but it was a nice little dig.

Severus Snape

Severus Snape

3 – Severus Snap (Potions) – People don’t like Snape. Yeah, they’re out there and that’s fine. BUT I like him. His snark was on point and I can’t blame him for his nastiness I mean James was a bit of a shit to him when they were at school. Plus the big reveal about his continued love for Lilly in book 7 was a major awww moment for me. I’m not sorry. As for his teaching they kids learned to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses didn’t they?

2 – Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration) – Listen Minerva is a BAMF ok. Did we not see her with the statues in book 7? But as for her teaching…listen I want to learn Transfiguration. I mean she can turn herself into a freaking cat! That’s something right?

Professor Remus J. Lupin

Professor Remus J. Lupin

1 – Remus Lupin (Defense Against the Dark Arts) – I think the kids learned the most from Lupin. Well, at least Harry did….he did learn how to summon a Patronus which saved his ass at the end of book 3. AND he then went on to teach the DA how to do it too. So big ups to Lupin for teaching the kids something they could use. Plus I just love Lupin ok? So naturally he’s my favorite!


Don’t tell me Star Wars and Star Trek are the same…

…by the same token don’t tell me girls/women can’t like either. Because I will flip out. Where’s this coming from? Well, I stopped into my local Starbucks for an after work treat/keep awake treat to stay up for The Blacklist. The barista was talking to another about a customer who told them girls can’t like Star Wars, because apparently science. As in we “don’t get it.”

Right Ben?

Right Ben?

I had to ask what they were talking about. When they told me I just sat there with my jaw open for a bit and even forgot my order! I love Star Wars! The mister and I watch it on VHS every Fall (we don’t allow that remastered shit in this house). Granted my favorite is Return of the Jedi. Which is apparently what a majority of women prefer. Most guys love Empire Strikes Back. I think I like Jedi because it ties up the story nicely. BUT I also obviously enjoy the other two movies too.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise...

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise…

Anywho apparently the male customer also made mention that Star Wars and Star Trek were the same…uh no sir, no they are not. The only thing they have in common is that have “star” in the title. One is WAY more SciFi than the other (Star Trek). Star Wars while it has sweet scifi elements (ships, hyperspeed, etc.) is based around The Force. Which for me is HEAVY on the fantasy level of things. While Star Trek is all about exploring the future seeking out new life and new civilizations…SCIENCE people.

In all honesty I like them both. What’s not to like really? Granted I know there are people out there that prefer one to the other and who just don’t like either (Yeah they do exist). But I think I like Star Wars just a little more than Star Trek. It’s probably The Force that does it for me and the love story between Han and Leia (I know). But Star Trek is awesome and I love all the tech they get to play with!

So do you prefer one over the other? Let me know in the comments.

I got nothing…

Why yes, yes I am playing Hamilton for my kid.

Why yes, yes I am playing Hamilton for my kid.

Seriously, I haven’t done a whole lot this weekend. Continued to grow a person. Met a friend for lunch. Had a little me time at a local Spa. And of course continued to listed to Hamilton the Musical (can you wear out iTunes?). Exciting right? In all honesty it was the perfect weekend. Now to get ready for another week of work that will thankfully lead to a three day weekend.

Happy Sunday!

Love of Broadway renewed by @HamiltonMusical

It’s no secret I love Broadway theatre. Well, maybe it is as I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here. SURPRISE now you know! Anywho, I typically have liked/listened to more traditional musicals like Phantom of the Opera, A Little Night Music, Les Mis and the like. Hell, I think the most “risqué” Broadway soundtracks I own are probably RENT and Spring Awakening. When I say risqué I mean of course in language and content. Both have cursing, sexual connotation, and such. And I thought that I had heard it all. But then I heard folks from all over all corners of the internet talking about a new musical, Hamilton the Musical that is.

The soundtrack was released last week and it seems everyone and their brother is listening to this one. Honestly this is not the typical musical I usually listen to. The music is a mix of rap, hip hop, and traditional style Broadway (the last is the one I’m most used to). So I wasn’t sure if I would really like this. I listened to all the previews of the songs. Then I listened to the previews again. Twenty minutes later I purchased the soundtrack and haven’t stopped listening since then. Yes, it is that good. You should probably go download it now and come back to finish reading this.

Did you do it? Eh you’re loss if you didn’t. The music is upbeat, catchy, and engaging. Added bonus it presents US History in a fun way so that you don’t realize that you might be learning something while singing along. Lin-Manuel Miranda portrays Alexander Hamilton and well, damn the man has a voice! The surprise on the soundtrack was finding our Jonathan Groff has a cameo as King George! I almost didn’t recognize his voice, but oh my god his portrayal is hilarious (and great).

Honestly I have no complaints about this musical at all. I would love to tell you I have a favorite song, but I can’t pick just one. None of them are similar and each holds their own. I could keep going, but it’s getting late and I should wrap this up and get ready for bed…right after I write just a little more…

Anyway, Lin-Manual Miranda is a wonder. He was behind In the Heights which I understand was awesome. I’ve heard some of the music here and there, but haven’t bought the soundtrack yet. But it’s now on my list for sure. While I haven’t seen the musical in person I think Miranda hits it out of the park with this music. He’s also won a whole lot of awards for the show already…color me impressed.

I mean you know it’s a good musical when people who aren’t into musicals at all suggest it to you. Plus it seems like it’s all anyone can talk about. Not to mention that tickets to show are now on sale for shows starting in June 2016! Looks like I’ll be checking this one out when it starts touring…you’ll be requesting this show right Proctors!

In all honesty I haven’t really listened to any Broadway music in an age until now. Call my love of Broadway renewed. In act it makes me want to revisit the musical I started YEARS ago. Yeah that’s write I started writing a musical…no I won’t tell you what it’s about. Instead I’m going to get my bum in front of the keyboard and get back to it. Crazy right? Maybe. But why not right?

You should check this bad boy out. No really.

You should check this bad boy out. No really.

And with your Spirit

Story time children.

I was raised Catholic. I was baptized, had reconciliation, first communion, and was confirmed in the Catholic Church. My first legit job was working in the church rectory after school and on weekends. I once even played Mary at the Christmas Mass. Heck I even went to a Catholic college. While I loved college going to a Catholic college was probably what turned me away from going to church and it all went down hill from there.

I just stopped going. Part of the reason was we didn’t always have a priest at mass in college so the nun who ran the campus ministry ran it. That was weird for me. Plus she would invite us up (when their was a priest) while he was doing the whole transubstantiation thing. Which was so not ok in my book and was a huge turn off to be quite honest. Not to mention that during college my folks had moved about an hour away from the church we’d gone to all my life and the new one was not for me. So again I just stopped going.

Now I’ve been to church for baptisms, communions, confirmations, and weddings (let me tell you full Mass weddings are LONG bring a snack – kidding). However, over the last two to three years I’ve been telling my husband (no we were not married in the Catholic Church and yes we’re totally ok with this) that I wanted to go back. But I didn’t do more than note yes there were two churched in the city we lived in. Why? Probably because I was lazy.

But we’re expecting a wee one and we’ve promised that we’ll baptize the baby. Which means at least one of us joining a local parish and going to mass. That someone would be me. So last night I went to the 4pm Saturday mass at the local church. I even made some snarky posts on the twitter about it.

Hey it could have I said it's been a while.

Hey it could have happened…like I said it’s been a while.

But you know something…I actually enjoyed myself. Except the one bit where the prayers have been changed to “get closer to the latin”. I knew this was a thing, but I do not like the things. But I was happy to see that I wasn’t the one one with the hymnal open to the front where it lists what you’re supposed to say and when. Small favors. But seriously, the music for mass were some of my favorites from my childhood days of attending mass. Plus the readings seemed hand picked just for me.

Plus the priest was a younger man who seemed to really know how to and what to say to engage the younger and older parishioners in attendance. Ok and yes the church reminded me of my church from childhood too. In all it just felt right and like I was supposed to be there. So yes I’ll go back next weekend and see if the feeling persists and go from there. Stay tuned.

I’ve got a three day weekend…

So what to do with it…besides all that laundry piling up in the basement? Yeah the nesting phase hasn’t set in yet. I’m told sometimes it never does…sorry hubbins. Then again I still have 14-ish weeks to go so anything can happy. Right so I happen to have a three day weekend before me. What to do with the time?

First, let’s be honest I’m going to need underwear so yeah laundry will have to be done. Little known fact I actually don’t mind doing laundry. I just would love it if I opened the dryer and all that shit was folded because that would be amazing. Think about it, throw in wet clothing….wait an hour open and remove folder clothing ready to be put away. Get on that dryer designer people!

I also plan to write. I cranked out a little over a thousand words the other night in my personal memoirs. Yeah I don’t know why I’m writing this. No one is beating a path to my door to hear my life story. It just seemed like a fun side project to work on here and there. At the very least some day my kid(s) will find it and say “this explains so much about mom”. So you’re welcome future children. I might also work on a few of the NaNoWriMo stories I’ve finished. Writing makes me happy and I need to do more of it.

Gifts need to be purchased for birthdays and anniversary’s too. Birthday is one one of my favorite little ladies and I’m super excited to celebrate with her and her family next weekend. The anniversary gifting is for the hubbins. We’ll be married 5 years next week! But this years gifts are boring…wood or silverware? Really people? Lame. I’m thinking he might just get a book…paper comes from trees, trees are made out of wood…BOOM done.

Reading of the books. Yeah I have quite the TBR pile doing and all this time is the perfect excuse to read at least two to three of them. I promised myself I’d read like 30 before the year is out and I should get on that seeing as I apparently won’t have time to wipe my bottom once the wee one gets here. (I’m sure I’ll have time, but not the kind of time I have now)

Must read all the books!

Must read all the books!

The main goal of the weekend will be to NOT just sit around and binge on Netflix. After all that is totally a thing that can happen (and has).


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