5 Fandom Friday: Five Times I Totally Fangirled #Fandom5

This is the first time I’ve participated, I *think*!  It’s something The Nerdy Girlie does every Friday and she invites others to participate. Fun right?  But also difficult to come up with for me.  I haven’t had the opportunity to meet many celebs or do cool fangirl things…but I’ll give it a go!

1. That time I met Neil Gaiman and he signed my ukulele!

Yep, the man himself signing my ukelele

Yep, the man himself signing my ukelele

Signed by the man himself!

Signed by the man himself!

We went to his talk and signing for The Ocean at the End of the Lane in 2013.  On a whim I brought my ukulele (why not right? I also brought the book to be signed too).  Everyone in our little group thought I was crazy for lugging it around.  Some attendees also poked fun at me.  But Mr. Gaiman found it very cool and happily signed it.

2. Meeting Lindsey Stirling at a meet and greet before her concert.

D., Lindsey and I.

D., Lindsey and I.

I was super star struck and only managed to eek out…. “OMG you are tiny! I could just put you in my pocket!”  Yup I am classy.  But she was super sweet and signed our stuff.

3. Meeting Minnie Mouse!

I was so nervous!

I was so nervous!

It may seem really silly, but I have LOVED Minnie Mouse for FOREVER.  There was a week (when I was five) that I demanded to be called Minnie and to dress like her.  My fangirling runs deep with Minnie.  Well, I finally got to meet one of the incarnations of Minnie when we went to Disney last year and I nearly took out the poor cast member in the costume – I was really excited ok.  Minnie blew me a kiss, we hugged it out, and then took this picture.  It makes me smile everyday.

4. Anytime Amanda Palmer has interacted with me on Twitter.

For my birthday!

For my birthday!

The RT that brought 700 hits to my blog!

The RT that brought 700 hits to my blog!

Amanda Palmer is one of my favorite musical people.  Somehow I manage to catch her online here and there…and it is glorious.  Thanks to another friend she once wished me a happy birfday and brought everyone to my blog.  I screenshot almost every interaction…I have a problem.  Don’t try to stop me.

5. Back when The New Kids on the Block were IT my cousin and I sat at a table they had eaten at 5 hours before.  Yeah I’m not proud of that one, but my 13 year old self is still bouncing around over it.

What’s made you fangirl over the years? Let me know!

Eye Update 2.0

Things continue to improve…aside from part where I want to rub my eye like crazy. Thankfully there’s an ointment for that!

Eye Update

Surgery on 2/4 did not go according to plan. So surgery number two will take place very soon.  Once all is said and done I will be back with more posts.

Where did you get those eyes?

From my momma and my poppa thank you!

But somewhere around maybe age two (I don’t really know the origin age of my eye issues) my mother noticed something was wrong. Actually people used to think I was a monster flirt when I was really little because of the amount of time I spent blinking/winking.  I also had/have killer eye lashes, which aided folks in thinking I was a little flirt.  Anyway long story short it was found I had/have nystagmus.  I bet there’s a post on the blog about all this somewhere…hell if I can find it! So nystagmus is an involuntary movement of the eyes either side to side or up and down.  Mine rock the lesser known/seen side to side. Because why should my eyes be text book?

Next on the hit parade I was diagnosed with cataracts (a film on the lens of the eye) at age twelve (it might have been eleven).  Mind you because I was so young the hospital flat out refused to allow the surgeon to put in lens implants once the bad lenses were removed.  I have since learned it was the lens maker who was worried I would sue later in life.  Yes because I would totally want to sue someone for giving me better vision.  Oh and those coke-bottle glasses were super hot.

My pair were not this bad...but they weren't great either!

My pair were not this bad…but they weren’t great either!

Fast forward to 1998 when I finally got my lens implants!  Which was a total fluke.  I was just going in for a needed eye check-up and the next thing I know we’re scheduling surgery for the following Summer!  I still wear glasses, but I wear glasses that most everyone else gets to wear. Now move ahead again a few more years and we come to the strabismus portion of the show.  My left eye started to pull to the left. So back I went to my first eye surgeon to correct the problem.  Which worked for two years.  Not his fault, my eye just sucks.  So 2008 we tried again and it worked until now.

So next week on the 4th I will have my 12th? eye surgery.  Yeah I’ve had a lot.  Who know if I’ll ever be done.  But if you don’t see posts on the Facebooks, Twitter, here or anywhere else that’s because I’m resting my eye (and the right one too….it’s been pulling double duty for a while now).  However, if you do see posts….it’s only because I went ahead and wrote up a lot of posts this week to cover for me!  I’m so smart sometimes!


AKA SNOW!  Winter Storm Juno is currently hitting NYC and it does not look like good times.  It appears the city will be getting a shitload of snow.  While here in Upstate NY (there is a difference) we’ll have close to a foot of snow by the time all is said and done.  Which is a foot too much for me thank you.  It messes with my commute, gone are the days when I worked for a college so we had to close for the safety of the students.  Now we might open late or maybe get a delay, but I don’t think we’ll close.  Our NYC office did for obvious reasons.

I’m ok with it.  No really I am.  Sure I could catch up on my Netflix binge or find something new on Amazon Prime…Transparent was awesome!  I could even work on a few more blog posts or read.  But it’s cool I’ve got 2 1/2 weeks of going nowhere coming up really quickly. Let’s ease into that shall we?

The one thing I’m actually really irked about it I feel like my local high school closes A LOT more now that I’m not in high school.  I remember those days getting up early having to wait until they got to the “N”‘s and HOPING we would close.  Usually we did, but when we didn’t it was not good times in our house.

At least now when I go to work I can wear jeans so I don’t have to worry about wrecking my dress pants.  But man oh man would a snow day be nice….who am I kidding?  Time to put some ice cubes in the toilet!

Oh and a few more funnies for your snowmaggedon evening…

We're somewhere in the six bottle area.

We’re somewhere in the six bottle area.


Like tea? Try these companies out! @adagioteas @harneytea @uptontea

If you know me – you know I like tea.  If you don’t know me, now you know how I feel about tea.  Right so where am I going with this?  Well, there are loads of tea businesses out there.  In fact I used to own one of them.  It was VERY small and I basically re-sold teas from other online companies.  I eventually had to give it up to get a job that helped to pay the bills.

But I still buy a lot of tea (which was easier when I had my wholesale discounts).  So I wanted to share some of my favorite places to buy tea.  You know in case you like tea too!

First up Harney and Sons Fine Teas.  I’ve been to their shop in Millerton, NY and even had a tour from John Harney himself.  Sadly the tea world lost John this past Summer.  He was amazing and had hands down the best stories to tell.  I’m happy to say that John’s sons are keeping the tea business alive and they continue to carry on the tea blending tradition started by their dad thirty years ago.  Shop their online store or visit them in Millerton or SoHo!  Personal favorites include: Hot Cinnamon Spice, Vanilla Comoro, and Paris.

Another somewhat local company to me is Upton Tea Imports.  They have one hell of a quarterly tea catalog that you can have shipped to your home or view online.  I have never had one issue with getting teas delivered super fast from them.  They too sell quality tea and a whole lot of it!  Personal favorites include: Baker Street Afternoon (for obvious reasons), Halamari Estate, Bond Street English Breakfast, and Vannila tea.  Added bonus you can personalize the labels for your tea!

Not very local but still good is Adagio Teas.  They have the usual straight and flavored teas.  BUT they also have their fandom blends.  Fandom blends?  I hear you ask.  Yes!  Love Sherlock?  There are loads of tea blends for that?  What about Game of Thrones….yup there’s a blend for that too.  LOADS of blends for favorite shows, movies, you name it, well someone probably made a blend for it.  Personal favorites include: Black Dragon Pearls (for straight tea) Mycroft, Holmes Bros. Holiday Brew, and Lestrade (for fandom blends).

If you like tea you should check out these tea companies and give them a go.  If you do, let me know what you think!

*Please note I was not compensated for plugging any of these here companies.

Well that was a bust

Last weekend I tried to introduce The Niece to Sherlock Holmes.  It went over like a lead balloon.  She was too “bored”.  Oddly enough the kid also eats like a bird (little to nothing), and never seems to want to go to bed.  Sound like a certain famous detective?  Yeah I thought so too.  Granted I did try introducing her via Granada Holmes with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.  The Niece was not impressed.  In fact she sat and watch for ten minutes before declaring she was BORED.  I will admit the Granada series is a bit dry at times.

I then attempted to see if she wanted to read one of the short stories. Nope…again bored.  Then again all of the copies of the Canon I have are huge and perhaps a little daunting to a ten year old.  New plan, try to find a kid friendly sized copy to gift The Niece at her upcoming birthday.  Don’t worry I’ll be sure to also get her something she actually wants too.  I’m not a completely heartless aunt!

On the upside she did enjoy playing board games with her uncle and I. Ticket to Ride was the big winner of the games we played.  Though she kept calling it Ticket to Flight….so get on that game makers!  In fact it would appear she wants this game for her birthday.  Makes things easy. Plus I’d much rather give he a board game and not a video game.

That being said anyone have an versions of the Sherlock Holmes stories that are kid friendly in size?  Let me know if the comments.

Mini Trips Down Memory Lane

We moved into our first house in November of 2011.  Since that time I have been searching high and low for two items.  One was a framed picture of Minnie Mouse that had hung over my childhood bedroom. The other was my copy of Encyclopedia Sherlockiana.  I haven’t seen either of these things in YEARS.  Lucky for me I found I could order the book on Amazon for a penny.  Granted I didn’t know what the condition would be, but I had the hope that it would be in pretty good condition when I added it to my cart last week.  Well, it arrived on Saturday morning…

Paperback with a little bit of highlighting.

Paperback with a little bit of highlighting.

My hubbins took one look at the book and said “I’ve seen your copy!” Of course he’d seen it…he just didn’t know THAT was the book I was looking for.  As it happens about two minutes after he said he’d seen it this appeared sliding into my office…

My copy in hardcover.

My copy in hardcover.

Thankfully I happen to know someone who I can giver the paperback to.  Always happy to help out another Sherlockian!

As to the Minnie Mouse poster?  My mother was bringing the Niece over and she happened to mention she had something else for me.  I was not expecting it to be the very thing I had been looking for!

There may or may not be a photo of four year old me dressed as Minnie and striking the same pose.

There may or may not be a photo of four year old me dressed as Minnie and striking the same pose.

Now I just need to clean it off and find a new place of honor to hang it. Once I hang it up I’ll be sure to post another picture.

I am also hoping to get a few more posts up later this week.  Just a warning they may be Sherlock Holmes related because this is my blog and I’m getting very excited for a convention I’m attending that is still months away.

“I was so alone, and I owe you so much” – Happy Birthday Mr. Sherlock Holmes

On January 6, 1854 Sherlock Holmes was “born”.  He is known as “the man who never lived, and will never die”.

As I’ve mentioned (a few times) my Pop introduced me to Sherlock Holmes one summer before my Junior or Senior year of high school. At the time I had plenty of friends, but still felt alone in a way.  But finding these books allowed me travel to London and solve crimes all without leaving the comforts of my own home.  I’ve had a relationship with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson going on close to 20 years now this coming June.  Together they have seen me through it all…ups, downs, and everywhere in between.  In the past year they also lead me to meet folks that I am happy to call friend.  So I was indeed so alone, and do owe him (and of course creator ACD) so much.

As I mentioned earlier today is the great detective’s  birthday, his 161st to be exact.  Really he doesn’t look a day over what? Say 40?  In honor of this day I plan to watch an episode of the Granada Series with a cup of tea and a baked good of some kind (gluten free of course) and toast the man himself.

At least I imagine the cake would look something like this. (Thank you internet for not letting me down)

At least I imagine the cake would look something like this. (Thank you internet for not letting me down)

Once again… Happy birthday, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.  May there always be a crime for you to solve!

Sherlock Holmes: Then, Now, and Always

As you may or may not know I love Sherlock Holmes.  Be it the Canon, TV, movies (not all movies, but some), I love it.  I’ve read all the stories and 4 longer pieces, all in one summer in ’94 or ’95.  My pop had loved the stories and offered to buy me Vol. 1 & 2 if I promised to read them. Read them I did and then we would spend hours talking about them.   Of the stories there were some I truly did not enjoy…Valley of Fear anyone?  Others are at the top of my list of favorites…I’m looking at you Three Garridebs (for obvious reason I will not go into here).

My favorite film adaptation of the Canon would have to be that of Jeremy Brett.  That man was Sherlock Holmes at least in my book.  But I hear you say “he was just acting”.  Yes, but I haven’t really seen anyone come anywhere near his performance of the Great Detective. Yes Mr. Cumberbatch has come close.  I happen to think his portrayal of Holmes is very good for a modern day telling.  However, as far as traditional Holmes goes Brett is you man.



I was lucky enough to receive the Complete Series of the Granada Holmes Blu-ray for Christmas from my hubbins and I started it New Year’s Eve.  Oddly enough the Series isn’t truly complete as of the 60 stories only 42 were dramatized for television and two stories were combined The Mazarin Stone and Three Garridebs.  There are I think 18 stories not accounted for in the Granada Series.  I myself would have loved to have seen their take on A Study in Scarlet.  But we can’t have everything can we.

I do have good news if you can’t afford the hefty price tag on the complete series…they are available on You Tube.  Once in a great while Netflix adds them back to streaming too.  But you can also request the discs if you like.

Other incarnations of Sherlock Holmes include The Great Mouse Detective and Young Sherlock Holmes.  I happen to own GMD on DVD (also streaming on Netflix).  I also have two made for TV movies: Sherlock: Case of Evil and The Case of the Silk Stalking, which were just ok.  Before you ask I also have VHS copies of Star Trek: TNG when Data took to the holodeck to portray Holmes.

When you think about it they really were like Holmes and Watson in space...

When you think about it they really were like Holmes and Watson in space…

I of course also read a lot of “new” stories about Sherlock Holmes.  I would highly recommend Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson written by Lyndsay Faye.  This is one of the top notch stories I’ve read as of late.  However, there are also the other glorious fanfiction based stories written over at AO3.  Some are of course very slashy and about both BBC Sherlock and Canon Sherlock, but many of them are so well done you might forget you are reading fan written tales.  (Please note many AO3 stories are NOT for your kids to read)

So what are your favorite adaptations of the famous detective?  Tell me about it in the comments.



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